The Holy Grail Phrases in Customer Care 

AI is yet far from being as valuable as human customer service agents. 

However, one key advantage that we can withdraw from it, is it always has ready-to-go responses that drive the conversation forward. 

As simple as it sounds, employing the proper customer service phrases is a basic technique that can be applied at all times, catalysing a successful interaction. 

Here is our share of phrases that has been repeatedly put to tests and has proven to be efficient in administering efficient communication. 

How can I address you? 

Used at the beginning of the conversation, this question is highly important because it sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. 

Whether the customer would prefer to be called by his first name or be referred to as Sir/Madam would tell you a lot about who they are as individuals and thus provide you with a basic guideline on how to communicate with them properly. 

I’ll be happy to help. 

There will be customers that will come to you confused, irritated, and enraged. It’s up to you to put down some of that fire.  

“I’ll be happy to help.”, “I’m glad to be of service.” or “Let’s make things right.” all translate as “I am on your side.”.  

Seemingly simple but filled with positivity and enthusiasm, these lines work as a magic spell. 

I understand, I would’ve felt the same. 

The golden ratio in customer care. The phrase that can significantly influence the customer’s attitude towards you and the situation.  

Empathy is the greatest tool you can use. “I understand” can ease the tension and make the person on the other side of the line more patient. 

A phrase like this will gain the customer’s trust as it will show him that you can put yourself in his shoes.  

I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Mistakes are uninventable. They happen despite all precautions taken. And considering that retaining customers is the main goal for all care agents, apologizing is necessary.  

It is again an act of sympathy and kindness that assures all measures will be taken to resolve the matter. 

From what I can understand is that (rephrase the customer’s problem).

Rephrasing the customer’s problem will give him the chance to correct you in time if you have misunderstood what he explained.  

Also, if everything is comprehended accordingly, it will show him that you have listened closely. 

Let me find out that for you.  

There will be times when you will not be able to help straight away. Don’t be afraid to admit so. The confession will not make the customer impatient. On the other hand, it will assure him that the matter is handled responsibly.  

And after all, it is better to hold him on the phone for a bit longer than not resolve the query adequately. 

Should I go through the steps again? 

Many customers will say that they understood everything when in fact, they got confused after the third step of your instructions. 

Ask if you need to do a brief summary of the information that you have given to confirm that they will not reach out with the same query again.  

Let me know if there are any other questions. 

It’s important to leave space for further questions. 

This will demonstrate that you are invested in the customer’s journey with the brand. 

Thank you for being patient.   

Reaching out for customer support is often connected with negative experiences. Thank the customer for their patience, especially if he has been on hold waiting for a response. This will show him that his time is valued and respected. 

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  

Customers love to be heard, especially if they are unhappy.  

And a phrase such as this will confirm that you have listened to them thoughtfully.  

Negative feedback often seeks to change the means within a company, and although that is not always possible, the client will be ensured that he has contributed towards the transformation he would like to see. 

We hope that you find our list of customer service phrases useful.  

As a care agent, everything you say has an impact on the client, and that is why you need to choose your words wisely. Always speak with understanding and empathy, and most importantly – display eagerness to help. 

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