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Our new website is now live!

Thoroughly modernized, functional, and convenient to use, our new website is designed to help you discover everything you wish to know about us. It will take you through who we are as a company and what we do, step by step.

Your customer care is our mission

Founded by Ostoja Borkovic, our ever-growing team is dedicated to make customer care a boutique service available for all businesses. 

We are firm believers that a happy client is by far the best market strategy. Therefore, our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the support needed to maintain a healthy relationship with their customer base and consequently keep their brand’s image high.

Our expertise 

Our expertise goes beyond ordinary customer support. We do not simply pick up the phone, we always strive for more. Assisting new businesses and providing entrepreneurs with guidance through various processes, TODOS Consulting is capable of placing the right urgency on the right priorities regarding customer care, no matter the state or the size of the company.

Furthermore, our team members are carefully selected and truly competent to get into the niche of any industry in order to provide the best possible services.

Tell us how we can help

We are only a call away from providing your business with the care that it deserves. Do more about your business, choose TODOS.

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