your Customer Care is our mission

your Customer Care is our mission

your Customer Care is our missionyour Customer Care is our mission

TODOS is what you need "To Do" FOr your Customers


My journey in the Customer Service world started over 15 years ago. I was part of the biggest players on the BPO market and I had the chance to work with the greatest leaders of the industry. Through my path I've seen a lot, but what never changed is my believe that the customers are the heart of every business. 

I founded Todos Consulting with the idea of being a customer care evangelist.  We know that customers can be your biggest supporter and your greatest  critics, this is why we want to help you start caring not servicing them. They can give your business wings or leave you on the ground. They can go far beyond the  “customer” role of just buying your product. Instead, they can make sure that everyone they know knows that they love you.

We are here to support you through your journey of Customer Care !

Ostoja Borkovic 

Founder of TODOS Consulting

About Us


Ostoja Borković, Founder & CEO

Larisa Vidović, Managing Partner

Larisa Vidović, Managing Partner

A visionary leader building the future of Customer Experience.

My mission is to make Customer Care a boutique service available for all businesses . Through partnership, trust and dedication I believe that together we can change the way business interacts with their customers.


Larisa Vidović, Managing Partner

Larisa Vidović, Managing Partner

Larisa Vidović, Managing Partner

Entrepreneur passionate about start-up projects, near shore solutions and innovative approaches. 

I believe that the BPO industry can be one that creates business environment of balance, between individual needs and quality service. Talents are the heart of the business, they aspire me to be a leader who gives freedom for development in environment that motivates them to deliver excellence.

Our Partners

"TODOS Consulting" & "11880 Internet Services AG"

A true partnership in combining expertise to achieve excellence!

In  the dynamic business world companies that remain flexible and open to collaboration are on the right track of providing the best solutions on the market.

For this reason , TODOS and 11880  are collaborating and bringing to the market a new approach designed to provide excellent client services. 

With the experience and expertise of our multilingual customer care agents based all around the globe, combined with 11880's more than 25 years of proven excellence in contact centers, we can proudly say that we are lined up for success!

TODOS + 11880 = The smart choice for Customer care managed from Germany, operated globally.